Sånn får du det perfekte badet

Er det kanskje på tide å pusse opp badet? De fleste har et bilde av drømmebadet som ligner på noe fra en hotellkatalog, men det finnes faktisk enkle løsninger. 

Frisk opp enkelt med våtromspaneler

Våtromspaneler er perfekte når du skal friske opp badet og gjøre det enda mer fuktresistent. Det er mye damp på badet, og derfor er det viktig at det tåler mye fukt og at man lufter ut så ofte man kan. Med flotte våtromspaneler kan man velge mellom mange forskjellige spennende designs som gir det uttrykket man alltid har drømt om. Det er også en lett måte å endre uttrykket på et slitent badeværelse på, og du kan både få et look som vitner om polert stein eller mer rå betong. Det kommer helt an på hva din stil er og hvilket look du vil ha på badet. 

Kjøp nye håndkler

Det kan bli fryktelig dyrt å pusse opp hele badet fra bunnen, men med våtromspaneler og nye håndkle, så er man faktisk på god vei til drømmebandet. Det er nemlig ikke alltid mer som skal til før noe som er gammelt og utdatert føles nytt og friskt igjen. Kanskje du skal kjøpe noen i egyptisk bomull? Husk å følge vaskeanvisningen på håndklene så du sørger for at de varer og holder seg pene så lenge som mulig. 

Skift ut vasken

En annen enkel ting man kan gjøre hvis badet er slitent, men man ikke vil pusse opp fra bunnen, er rett og slett å skifte ut vasken. Vasken er noe av det som får mest slit, og her kan man med fordel gå for en ny og moderne vask hvis man vil ha et helt nytt uttrykk. Dermed får man et bad som virker helt som nytt, og som har et friskt og moderne utseende – uten å pusse opp. Det samme gjelder hvis man skifter ut dusjhodet med et flott og nytt et. 

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    Husband who had a sex change op to become woman repays wife’s support (And help with dating men) By becoming her carer after she’s identified as having dementiaEmily Dodge, 62, Was born a man but had surgery to become a womanWife JeanSmith, 68, Stood by her boyfriend during transitionThe couple, everything from Cornwall, Have been together for 39 yearsEmily is clogs Jean, that has dementia, Saying ‘I need never leave her’By Cher Heasmer For Mailonline

    submitted: 10:01 EDT, 19 March 2015 current: 10:34 EDT, 19 March 2015

    A transgender mytransgenderdate woman whose wife stayed and her through sex change surgery, Helped her shop for a new collection and join a dating site is now repaying her by becoming her carer.

    Emily dodge, 62, Who was born a man revealed she was required to live as a woman to wife Jean Smith, 68, After the pair, by Cornwall, happen to be happily married for 20 years.

    Today Emily describes her marriage with Jean as like ‘close sisters’ and has pledged to stand by her loyal spouse now that she has dementia.

    Emily avoid (still left) was created with a male body and revealed to wife of 20 years, Jean johnson (suitable) That she wanted to conversion to a woman. Emily now has feelings for you for Jean, Who has early onset dementia

    The Cornwall based couple were single for 20 years before Emily (desirable) moved forward. Things took a turn for the worse when Jean began to suffer memory loss in 2013. She was clinically determined to have early onset dementia in 2014

    Emily who has not revealed her birth name will get ready Jean, Who was informed they have early onset dementia in 2014.

    hmo’s IT worker said: ‘I always promised Jean we might be best friends and that will never change. I will not ever leave her.’

    Jean, A former fund advisor, picked up her then 55 year old husband needed to live as a woman and stayed by her side, Helping Emily through gender reassignment surgery in feb 2011.

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    Transgender beauty queen reveals find it difficult to find work. Transgender model Andreja Pejic makes catwalk debut as a. Could this be Eddie Redmayne’s most strenuous role,

    the happy couple, taken from Helston, for Cornwall, Were so close after the operation Jean helped the woman who had previously been her husband with some wardrobe advice.

    Emily pointed out: ‘Jean was marvelous. Once I was good enough after the operation, We went shopping along with and she’d pick out outfits for me.

    ‘She even helped me enrol for online dating service personals. Our affectionate is now like close sisters. She’s my mate.or,–

    Emily spoke candidly about life prior to when the operation.

    ‘I had felt like a woman trapped in the body of a man and the only time I felt happy was when I was wearing women’s clothes and make up’ Emily Dodge (Pictured) Was sick and tired with living a double life

    ‘To the particular, and this includes Jean, I was obviously a guy who liked DIY, Football and a pint with my mates of an evening, but actually, That had not been me at all.’ Emily shocked wife Jean with the thought that he wanted to live life as a woman

    She spoken: ‘To the outside world, to include Jean, I would have been a guy who liked DIY, Football and a pint with my mates of a night, but actually, That wasn’t me at all.

    ‘I had felt like a woman trapped systems of a man and the only time I felt happy was when I was wearing women’s clothes and make up.

    ‘I kept it all hidden in the loft and would only get it out if I was sure Jean was going to be out for a while.’

    But living a double life was not easy and after 20 great deal marriage, Emily thought we would come clean.

    Jean rumoured: ‘It was a huge shock when my hubby told me how he wanted to live as a woman. He came into the telly room wearing a skirt. I nearly had a heart attack.’

    Initially, She think it is a joke.

    But after a lot of discussion, Mrs Smith gave her benefit, As long as her husband didn’t dress in women’s clothes opposite her.

    before and after: Emily underwent gender reassignment surgery and wife Jean helped her shop for new clothes and enroll on online dating services

    Emily described: ‘At first, that led to okay. I’d lock personally in the spare room, Put on one of my favourite dresses and read a book for an hour. It felt so excellent to finally be myself, however if I wiped off the make up and put on a short again, It wouldn’t feel right.

    ‘Eventually I knew that would never be enough for me and I plucked up the courage to tell Jean I wanted to live as a woman full time.

    ‘Jean said she didn’t require to lose me and she wanted me to be happy,’ she identified. ‘It meant modern society to me.’.

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